5 Essential Locks for Camping Security

What could be worse than being away on a family holiday and having something pinched from your caravan or camp site? Or even worse the caravan pinched…It does happen!

Being outdoors and camping is typically a safe and happy time spent with loved ones and great friends.

And while we would all like to think that most fellow campers are there to help each other when needed, and don’t have intentions to steal, it is better to follow the old saying “better safe than sorry”.

There have been stories of campers having returned to campsites to find their belongings stolen, eskies full of food (and beer!) taken and even the entire campsite cleared out.

If you are not around your caravan or campsite during the day, or even during the night whilst sleeping, and you have anything you consider valuable and would hate to see go missing, lock it up!

With some simple steps and inexpensive security products, you can protect your possessions from any opportunistic, would-be thief. Here we list our top 5 Locks to take on your next family caravanning or camping trip

In most cases, all you need to do to prevent opportunistic crimes like campsite theft is to diminish the easy opportunity itself.


Kovix KTR-18 Alarmed Trailer Lock – Achieve maximum security for your caravan, boat or camping trailer. Built from high grade 304 Stainless Steel, this lock has the added benefit of a 120db motion sensor alarm.


Kovix KBL-12 – Alarmed Bolt Lock – This unique motion sensor bolt lock to be used in conjunction with Kovix security cables to secure loose items like generators, fridges, Eskies, bikes and any loose items around the campsite.


Kovix KWL24-110 is an innovative alarmed cable lock that can be used in a number of different ways to secure your valuable possessions while away from home. The 120db alarm is built in to the cable making it very convenient to use. This cable can be used to secure Bikes, Fridges, Eskies, Table & Chairs or any other moveable items.


Kovix Alarmed Disc Lock – This little lock with built-in alarm system, provides exceptional security for any high-value item. Use it with a Kovix KCB-180 cable to secure your Tent, Annex, Bicycles, Eskies, Fridges and Generators.


Kovix KPZ-10 Alarmed Padlock – Another verasitle lock. Secure Eskies, Fridges or any loose items
when you use in conjunction with the security cables.

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