5 Storage Hacks to Maximize Space in your Caravan

A Caravan is the ultimate tiny-living space and as with any small space, it helps to keep an open and creative mind to how best to fit what you’ll need for on your trip!
Below are 5 helpful tips that will make a life on the road more carefree, comfortable, clutter-free & utilize spaces typically left unused.

Protrek & Sunseeker Caravans

The biggest and most common mistake all travelers tend to make is overpacking. Although it may seem like a trivial problem, when living in a small space it all adds up very quickly. The best way to avoid this is to prepare ahead of time. Prep a packing list of essentials by category, so you don’t forget anything you will need. 
Planning out somewhat of an itinerary as well will help you to pack for your trip rather than taking the “better safe than sorry” approach that catches most of us out.
The last point of this step could easily be forgotten about, but it will help in future trips to come. The audit of your list of things you take post-trip can show you what you ACTUALLY made use of while on the road and the things you could make it without to leave that space for something more important.

This specific tip was on majority of posts to be found on the internet for ways to maximize/utilize storage and it’s ingenious, especially for anyone who manages to misplace things a lot of the time. Those in the caravan business call it a “Quick Drop Zone”. Put simply, it is a designated area in your Caravan where the most important and constantly used items are stored. It could be your keys, hats, a dog leash, headphones, charges etc.
Keeping these items in a designated area will keep them nice & easy to grab when you need them and keeps them out of drawers or cabinets where it can be easily forgotten about.
Quick Drop Zone for CaravanQuick Drop Zone idea for Caravan storage

If you’re not familiar with what a Lazy Susan is, they are a turntable or rotating tray that is commonly used in the Kitchen to help distribute food. But their function doesn’t have to be just limited to the kitchen.
Lazy Susan hack for Caravan storage and access
A lot of caravanners have found great use of this affordable item in their kitchen spaces, bedrooms and bathrooms as it allows you to use-in-full small or tight areas. For example, if you’ve ever had to pull out the entire contents of your cupboard just to get that one product right at the back, the Lazy Susan fixes this problem for you completely.  Not only is a Lazy Susan multi-functional and portable but it keeps everything in nice and tight so when you’re on the move your items won’t be moving around as well!

Label Maker to help organisation
When you’re enjoying life on the road the last problem you’re going to want is attempting to remember where everything calls ‘home’ in your Caravan. This is where organization is of utmost importance and will keep you feeling a lot saner when in the know and control of your belongings. The best tip for this matter is to invest in a good Label maker. For obvious reasons, this will help you locate where everything is in your Caravan and will hopefully keep things tidier in the long run when everything has its unique place. Who doesn’t love a sense of clarity & feeling super organized!

‘Sticky Hooks’ is a product that although small-in-size is huge in potential uses! A sticky hook can be used for the previously mentioned ‘Quick Drop Zone’, whether it be your car keys, hats, belts, a dog leash or torch. They are a great tool to use spaces you probably haven’t thought of as potential storage space. For instance, on the inside of cupboard doors, hanging toothbrushes in the bathroom to keep dry or to keep organized any cords you may have running in your Caravan.
Bathroom Hack with Sticky HooksSticky Hooks product
These hooks can be found in most of the large retailers such as Woolworths, Coles, Bunnings, Big W, Kmart, Officeworks, IKEA etc.
Please keep in mind when using these products, the weights they are capable of holding as they do have quite a range.

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