5 Things a Burglar wants to steal

5 Things a Burglar wants to steal

We live in a society where burglaries are unfortunately common place. Being broken into is a terrible feeling – an invasion of your privacy and space and sense of security. It has never been so important to protect your belongings and ward off potential burglars.

Burglars are usually in and out of your home in under 15 minutes, so when they are in your home going through your belongings or our wandering in the yard, they know exactly what they’re looking for and how they are going to take it.


The Caravan or Camper Trailer

Believe it or not, but caravan and camper trailer theft is actually quite common. If someone really wants to take your caravan or get inside, they will – if they’re given enough time and access. So, the first step in theft prevention is deterrence – not making it easy or enticing for a thief to take off with your possessions.


Your Boat

A boat on a trailer, or simply the trailer itself, is an easy grab for a thief. With boating and water sports becoming more and more popular around Australia it is essential that boat owners take extra care in securing their boats, jet skis and trailers from potential theft and thieves.


Motorcycles & Bicycles are other sought-after items. Even when parked in a secure location such as your garage, chain them to something and even consider the extra security of using a motion senor alarm and/ or a disc lock.


The Man Shed

Garden and outdoor sheds are popular targets for pesky burglars also. A locked shed might be a deterrent, especially if it takes time to break into.

Tool Trailers

Every day around Australia there are hardworking tradies having their tools stolen.
Some tips to protect your tools.
• Lock them up
• Keep them out of sight
• ID your equipment and tools
• Keep them properly insured


Of course, a good alarm system, surveillance cameras and lights will also help deter thieves. In addition, it is a good idea to make friends with your neighbours so that they are willing to keep an eye on your home when you are away and are also more likely to notice when someone they don’t know is near your home.

Most burglars are basically lazy and looking for easy targets, so most thieves will be deterred if you take some time and spend a little money to make it that little bit harder for them.

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