Protrek PX-10 Electric Scooter Review

 Protrek PX-10 Electric Scooter Review

So the day finally came when my new Protrek PX-10 350W Electric Scooter arrived. I was eagerly anticipating it’s arrival and had planned the following tests to determine it’s quality:

  1. Range – How far I could go on one battery charge
  2. Comfort – I opted for the larger 10 inch wheels
  3. Sturdiness – Being able to ride confidently without feeling it was going to break in half
  4. Motor Power – Top speed and acceleration


Putting it together was a piece of cake. Simply screw on the left and right handle bars then tighten up the folding mount plate with the Allen Key provided and you’re good to go!



The controls are very simple. To turn on, simply hold the power button down for 3 seconds. There are 3 gear modes to choose from which dictates top speed to coincide with the rider’s ability – Beginner (15km/h), Normal (20km/h) and Sports Mode (25km/h). Press the function button to toggle between the three modes. For me there was no question I would be using the Sports’s Mode straight up which is indicated on the LED screen by a “D” in red!

To accelerate you need to push off to give the scooter momentum (for safety reasons) and then push down on the throttle (lever) with your right thumb. That’s when you feel the motor kick-in giving you a burst of power. From that point on you can control your speed solely with the throttle and the brake located on your left handle bar.

The rear ventilated disc brakes provide efficient stopping power. I found if going down very steep hills, I would also need to apply the rear fender brake (with foot) simultaneous with disk brake to pull-up quickly.

If you maintain the speed for 6 seconds, the scooter will automatically go into cruise control mode which gives your thumb a well deserved break. To deactivate just tap on the brakes or flick the throttle down. It’s important to tell kids about this feature before they ride!

Test Ride Results

My first impressions were very positive. The larger wheels provided a very stable platform and I instantly felt in control. Unlike other Scooters, the PX-10 feels strong and sturdy with very little vibration and movement in the handle bars.

I was also impressed with the power. The PX-10 performed well with excellent acceleration off the mark and good handing on rough terrain and moderate inclines.

The biggest surprise for me was how well it handled off the pavement. I tested it on gravel, hard dirt and grass and the PX-10 powered through these surfaces with little reduction in speed. Probably due to the 10 inch, air-filled tyres combined with the powerful 350W motor!

In most states of Australia, eScooters need to have a maximum speed of 25km/h in order to be legally allowed in public spaces. The Px-10 is no exception and the motor has been governed by the manufacturer in order to comply with these regulations.

In one battery charge, I was able to travel for 1.5 hours for a distance of about 30 km at an average speed of 19.4 km/h. Given my hefty 95 kg frame, I judged this to fall within the manufacturer’s range claim of 45km – This is based on a 75 kg person travelling at average speed of 15km/h.

Protrek PX-10 Test Summary

  1. Range: 29.41 km @ 19.4 km/h (1hr 31 mins)
  2. Comfort: 9/10
  3. Sturdiness: 10/10
  4. Motor Power: 9/10

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