The Protrek Jerry Box

The Ultimate Storage Alternative for your Jerry Can.

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The most versatile Jerry Can storage solution idea. Fitting into any of your standard jerry can holders ideal for caravans, campers & 4wds. With more people moving away from generators and more towards battery powered devices, make use of the wasted space! This creates the little bit extra storage space needed to help fuel your adventures. 


With a locking system you can rely on, the Jerry Box comes with an inbuilt key mechanism to stop just anyone from getting into the box. The insulating cap will also keep the system dry allowing for no weathering to get into the system.

On a caravan toolbox - Open
The Jerry Box on ProTrek's Super Toolbox


The Jerry Box is lockable with keys included and constructed from 2.0mm aluminum giving you the peace of mind knowing it is secure. The dimensions of the Jerry Box are 340mm L x 180mm W x 570mm H. The total unit weighs only 4kg making it light and easy to move. On each side of the box, recessed handles allows for the easy convenient lifting. The box has a maximum storage capacity of 33L with the design being completely waterproof through both its design and lid.


The Jerry Box has limitless potential with what you could store in it. Most choose to store tools, cables and even kindling! The most common way the Jerry Box is mounted onto vehicles with an eye-bolt fitting to it so you can loop a cable through. Others have bolted them to the base of the Jerry Can holder finishing with a layer of silicone preventing thieves from removing or tampering with the box.

The Jerry Box on the back of a 4wd

Check out our Jerry Box on one of the latest episodes of Trip in a Van!

Jerry Can Storage Solution

Protrek Jerry Box

Protrek Australia's Jerry Box on display
Protrek Australia's Jerry Box on display
Store your possessions in the Protrek Jerry Box
Protrek's Jerry Box set up on a Desert Storm Caravan
Protrek Jerry Box fit onto a 4WD
Protrek Jerry Box